In a series of interviews filmed at Milk Studios that are to release over the course of #NYFW on, actress Kate Bosworth interviewed Olivier Theyskens (featured here), Cushnie & Ochs, Proenza Schouler and Prabal Gurung. Looking as fresh and photo-ready as ever, we stole two minutes with Kate between takes…

Milk Made:Do you have any projects coming out this fall?

Kate Bosworth: The thing like to talk about is Big Sur, which is Jack Kerouac’s last novel and just a really beautiful movie, the director (Michael Polish) is finishing up the movie, so he will probably go on the next festival circuit.

MM: What is your New York Fashion Week schedule like usually?

KB: Well, this fashion week has been a little bit different, but I’m excited to see a lot of my friends. I’m really excited to be able to sit and support the young American talent, I think there’s so much of it. These girls (Cushnie & Ochs) are relatively newer, but Jack and Lazaro (Proenza Schouler) I’ve known for so long, I was talking to them yesterday and we were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, it has been so long now, we don’t even like talking about how long it is.’ But you know, there’s so much talent and it’s such a supportive network of people. I’m really honored and pleased to be able to sit and watch their work. I’m seeing more shows than usual this year, I’m seeing Proenza, Altuzarra, Cushnie & Ochs, and Prabal Gurung.

MM: Do you attend the parties? What are your tips on making it through fashion week alive? Mine is a three drink rule and try and get out before midnight…

KB: You know, I actually haven’t thought about the party scene so much. I’m truly so excited to see the work. I know it’s such a celebratory time, which is part of it, but because I’ve gotten to know so many of the designers as well as I have, I’m aware of the amount of work that’s put into it and so I’m more excited to see the work.

MM: What are you wearing today?

KB: Cushnie & Ochs, my girls…

MM: What is it about their clothing that you like?

KB: I love their silhouette. I mean we were fitting yesterday and I said to them, ‘you really know how to cut beautifully for women,’ and you know it’s just the right nip here, the right cut there. Just the right fit in the perfect spot to really make a woman feel beautiful. No matter what size, or shape.

MM: So last fun question, summer is ending, is this ‘back to school’ week for you, as it is for us?

KB: I’ve had a little bit of time off this summer. I got to go back to Boston where my parents are and spend some family time there but it’s really been a steady, constant work flow. I didn’t really get a summer but that’s okay, I love it. I love what I do. There are pressures and challenges but, you know, I’m not to complain ever.

Photography by Amanda Hakan

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