Been #Trill are an art direction collective pulling the what’s-hot spotlight back onto New York’s youth cultural landscape. FYI, Trill stands for Truly Real and we had the collective put together a film they described as ‘Salvador Dali meets old school Disney’ for Made Fashion Week plus they designed the t-shirts being worn by our mini army of interns from Parsons all week.

Most of #Been #Trill also work on creative direction for Kanye West, known as DONDA but unlike Warhol’s Factory collective, these kids work a lot harder and instead of getting high on speed and making art-house porn, they produce internet memes, have a sick tumblr, DJ, do graphic design and direct videos. They created an 1888-202-MADE number with MADE Fashion Week, Macys and HTC mobile phones and invited everyone to leave messages which they’ll turn into an art piece following fashion week.

We grabbed the collective for an interview but like Daft Punk, Maison Margiela and Kate Moss, #Been #Trill are generally reluctant to answer questions and prefer their work to speak for itself. Here goes…

Milkmade: Who or what is #Been #Trill?

#Been #Trill: We’re a group of friends who don’t DJ that DJ. We’re all art directors and
enjoy making all the visuals that go with #Been #Trill and curating Music. #Been #Trill is
the most recognizable and iconic branding to hit the air waves since sound. We’re very
Internet hence the # # as an ode to Instagram in our name. We blend pop cultural references
with curated images and music. #Been #Trill is for the people everyone can participate.

MM: Why the name #Been #Trill, do you live by it?

##: BEEN #TRILL Looks nice on a Apple Phone

MM: How did you guys come together?

##: The World Wide Web.

MM: Please define art direction.

##: We help people dream.

MM: What’s most exciting about art directing, now that thanks to Tumblr and all those
other post Web2.0 sites everyone gets to be an art director and everyone’s making film?

##: Not having to be talented to look like you have talent.

MM: I’m way into collectives right now, why do collectives rule?

##: You never walk alone and no one tries to fight you.

MM: Hmm… these are short answers.

##: Yeah. We’re are a mysterious band. We are very cryptic but feel we inspire
non-typical interviews. Been Trill is these answers we do not want to highlight any of us as
individuals we are a UNIT. If you don’t want to print these then don’t print them.

MM: Who or what are you most excited about this fashion week?

##: The frozen margaritas.

Photography by Marc Doran

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