Summer living may be easy, but summer hair has got it rough. From dips in the pool to sunny romps at the beach, our tresses are forced to endure the season’s grueling elements while we’re sitting back sipping rosé. It’s a wonder we have any hair left by Labor Day. It’s even worse for models as they’re returning from summer jaunts straight to the torture chambers of backstage fashion week styling – day after day, city after city. How do they deal?

"As soon as I go home after a show, I deep condition my hair and let it moisturize for a long time, but along the way I’ve learned to make certain requests to certain hairdressers,” said model Joan Smalls at the Modellounge, NYC. “I ask them to lower the heat or ask them not to use certain products, you just learn how to survive."

We asked Moroccanoil’s artistic director, Antonio Corral Calero for his advice on getting post-summer hair ready for fall, and more importantly, fashion week. His response was surprisingly simple. For models and mortals alike, he recommends a daily dose of Moroccanoil, the brand’s signature treatment that revolutionized the hair care industry with its lightweight texture and instant shine enhancing properties.

“Apply two pumps throughout your entire hair,” advises Corral Calero. “Since summer’s elements strips hair of natural oils, we put in Moroccanoil treatment from ends to roots to bring back those oils and also to help reboot the color that may have been washed out in the sun. Your pigment stays longer and the treatment is like a primer – it protects your hair from any gels or anything that creates volume. It’s an absolute must at every show. I even give them to models in travel-sized bottles so they can use it throughout the day.”
Sounds like school is back in session.

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