jewelry by Megan Isaacs Jewelry. Photo By: Masha Maltsava
Photo By: Andrew Boyle
Photo By: Amanda Hakan
Photo By: Andrew Boyle
Photo By: Masha Maltsava
Photo By: Amanda Hakan
Photo By: Amanda Hakan
Photo By: Chris Swainston
Ella Joyce Buckley photographed by Amanda Hakan
Photo By: Mike Bogart
Photo By: Chris Swainston
Photo By: Chris Swainston
Katie Gallagher photographed by Mike Bogart

Katie Gallagher is stunning, skinny and still just about young enough at 26 that it’s easy to confuse the designer with one of her models. Consistently labeled by publications like the New York Time’s T-magazine and New York magazine as one of the best young designers in the city. Gallagher is another graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, an institution that has recently emerged as something of talent factory for fashion kooks.

The clothes were shown on a platform covered in white sand while a singer, Ella Joyce Buckley, also wearing one of Gallagher’s outfits, performed. Indeed, this season saw her move away from the goth—which a lot of people attribute to Gallagher’s isolated early childhood in the woods of Pennsylvania—towards what the designer said "something brighter", which means ivory as well as ebony, raven and metallic slate.

This collection "Everything and Forever" was, according to the designer, inspired "by rebirth of the soul and all about purity", fading childhood promises and the remnants of our past lives, which will never die. Not that this presentation was full of journo friendly literal interpretations, Gallagher’s mind is delightfully tangential. On the sheer in the collection, Gallagher said it "gives the body almost like an atmosphere, it’s there and it’s not", and carried on, "I cut out a lot of leggings this season I wanted it to be lighter, I wanted to see the legs." The stunning shoes, some in snakeskin were a new collaboration this season with Plomo.

Lasting impressions came from the hyper-crafted design details, the depth of thought therein and materials like lambskin, kangaroo leather and 3D lycra-wool knit incorporated into dresses. Outstanding.

Photography by Amanda Hakan, Mike Bogart, Chris Swainston, Andrew Boyle, and Masha Maltsava

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