Tumblr's New Blogging Army: THE STYLE LINE

Our partners at Tumblr have brought six of their youngest, most successful and stylish bloggers to MADE fashion week. In this, the first of our daily series of profiles we speak to Rachel Schwartzmann a 19-year-old New York City based FIT student and the personality behind The Style Line

Milk Made: So what were you doing before you started The Style Line?

Rachel Schwartzmann: I was always doing something creative and come to think of it I was always blogging. I had Xanga, Livejournal and Blogger accounts (I’m still currently on blogger too) and I was writing about my exciting endeavors as a tween… Note the humor. But in high school I was primarily focused on becoming a dancer. I went to a performing arts high school for dance, and for a long period of time, performance was my world.

MM:Is the blog your day job now?

RS: Yeah you could say that, but I still have responsibilities as a student. Despite the juggling act, I’ve made it a priority to make The Style Line the best it can be and over the last year it’s really gained an incredible amount of traffic. I don’t mean to brag but it just broke 100k followers. It’s insane… I always hope to emulate a sense of integrity and personality in my content – I think that’s generally attractive to anyone.

MM: What did you want your blog to be about?

RS: I wanted my blog to be a platform for inspiration. Honestly, I was so sick of seeing personal style blogs dominate the blogosphere and then lo and behold I ended up creating a separate one myself. I started this blog as a way to showcase unseen artistic talent in New York City. However since then I’ve decided to include more international content not just New Yorkers. I didn’t and still don’t want people to think that New York City has to be the end result, if they want to be successful in fashion. Opportunity is everywhere and you just have to be willing to seek it out.

MM: What sort of people do you like to interview ?

RS:I pretty much ask, does their personal style stand out? Is it consistent? Does it reflect their personality? If I like an individual’s style, I’ll reach out to them. I like to see how their answers correlate with how the person dresses. I’ll always check someone out on the web to get a feel for their voice and content and what they are up to aside from fashion. I’ve interviewed some really great people in the past who are doing some amazing things in totally unrelated fields but still utilize fashion as an outlet for expression. It also helps if the person actively uses Twitter or Facebook, as I can directly @tweet them or include them when I publish an interview – It’s a win win as they can promote The Style Line with their feature too. Everyone gets exposure. I used to be an advocate of showcasing a person with great style but who doesn’t necessarily have the best camera or use images of the best quality, but for the sake of my own blog, I need it to look consistent. Therefore if someone’s photos are too blurry or highly-edited it’s difficult… I’ve become very fervent on the idea of less is more.

MM: Do you have a mentor?

RS: I’d have to say I owe my budding career to Indigo Clarke the American editor for the e-tailer ASOS, and Showstudio contributor. She really took a chance on me and my talents, supported my endeavors and eventually forced me to spread my wings and fly… I will always consider her a dear friend as well as a mentor. As far as magazines go, I’ve had personal experience interning at Teen Vogue and I have fallen in love with aesthetic and "girl-power" attitude of the brand. I think it is so cute and fun, and I’ve really learned a lot from my experiences working with and for them. I also am really inspired by Lula Magazine, which I regard as more of a book of treasures then anything else.

MM: Whose work are you most excited about right now?

RS: In regards to NYFW, I am dying to see what’s in the works for Rebecca Minkoff, Jill Stuart, Kate Spade, 3.1 Philip Lim and Marc Jacobs.

MM: Why do people love The Style Line?

RS: I really try to establish a sense of interaction with my readers and make my endeavors and goals relatable and attainable. I think that discussion and communal value really adds something extra. I also really care about the aesthetic of The Style Line, hence the colorful illustrated banner and high image quality posts… Gotta catch people’s attention right?

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