24-year-old Eric Lyle Lodwick’s is the photographer behind Vogueadventure a tumblr based on the fashion of his generation and images of his own colorful style combination of sportswear and pop culture which gives him a street meets Belgian fashion student vibe. Lodwick is a model as well as a musician which affords him access to the fashion world, the parties, the people making it all happen and having the creative ideas. But what really makes Vogueadventure so moreish is Lodwick’s approach which is that of someone more interested in having a good time and homing in on aspects of the fashion world he truly enjoys rather than a modus operandi that’s focused on snaffling a job on a glossy monthly magazine. In short, Lyle is a cool and calm customer negotiating a high-octane world with humour and healthy disregard, we met him for a few words.

MILKMADE: Your tumblr is almost totally devoid of words?

EL: I’m more of a photographer than a writer. But music trumps all, that’s what I studied. Rockstar.

MM: What did you want your blog to be about?

EL: My view as one human. Fashion, music, and pop culture are the meat and potatoes.

MM: Why is your blog so god damn popular?

EL: I think people are interested in my perspective as a model and musician who’s living the New York City dream. I have followers because I produce original content. But at the moment I’m also a full time musician.

MM: Which labels and people do you like to feature, on what criteria do you choose em?

EL: Ones that I like and usually nothing else. Purely based on their aesthetic appeal to me.

MM: Whose work do you follow?
EL: Oc32, Treats, I like my style, Ashley Smith, Cole Mohr, Alister Mackie, Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel, Christopher Booth the Balenciaga menswear designer, Samantha West, and Noah Kalina.

MM: Whats the most exciting thing happening in fashion right now?

EL: Balenciaga Menswear.

MM: What fashion and/or cultural trends are you most excited about right now?

EL: I like the trend of confident people doing their own thing. I think that will stick!

Eric Lyle Lodwick:

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