Oh such cruelty to watch a show brimming with all the blitheness of spring just as, in reality, autumn is preparing to take center stage. Suno presented a show that conjured feelings of a Scandinavian summer via light blues, yellows, airy cottons and patterned embroidery. Or spring in Holland via jacquard and fresh-faced maquillage on the models, reminiscent of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Could any model resemble Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring more than Canadian beauty, Anais Pouliot?

On with the clothes. A subtle ra-ra skirt under a light grey leather jacket was the first look of the opening looks to pique attention, soon followed by a metallic floral center-pleat, above-the-knee skirt. And then Suno played a wonderful hand of cotton dresses, smocks and shirts that toyed with the classic women’s pin-striped, cotton shirt. Amongst these looks was a dramatic white, flared tunic and trouser combo with a dramatic purple maxi-print cuffing the hems.

Flowers, a theme that we’ve seen on a few runways at MADE fashion week this season, continued at Suno with violet stems, hydrangea vines and pastel peonies all peeping out of hems and adorning skirts. Oh spring/summer, don’t ya be too long in coming back around now…..

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