Hello Jace, is your name Jace? Take us through step-by-step what happened at the Cushnie et Ochs runway show. What is the world witnessing when they watch this Gif?

Well I was sitting in the front row, about two seats down from an
actress and the show had started so I was getting ready to take
pictures. I saw some type of compact make-up roll out onto the
runway. It sat for a couple of seconds and no-one went for it, I don’t
want any broken ankles, no models getting hurt so I lept for it.

What did you do with the compact?

Step-by-step, the model (Daga Ziober) had only taken a few steps onto the runway, I
grabbed the compact and immediately retreated back to my seat and just
sat it beside me. I didn’t think it was proper to try
to return it to anyone during the show.

So you left it on the seat next to you? Did people stare at it?

Well I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought it was a lense-cap or
something that rolled out from me.

Yeah, I thought it was a lense-cap

Right, so was I was thinking, man, everyone probably thinks I’m some a-hole
kid who doesn’t know how to work his camera, bumped his lense-cap and it fell onto the runway but no, it was a compact.

What happened next?

Well after the show a very pretty, very polite lady came up to me and
thanked me, she was very kind about me getting her make-up back and was
very glad that someone took the leap and it turns out that she was Kate
Bosworth. I’m a huge Blue Crush fan so it was a good moment. It was a
right-time, right-situation type thing. Right when it happened I looked at
everyone else’s faces and nobody else was going to get it so I stepped
up to the plate and it worked out for me.

Did you examine the compact?

It was a MAC, colour, you know my make-up knowledge isn’t the best so I wasn’t
exactly sure what it was….

Well, was it a blusher or an eye-shadow?

I’m going to have to go with a blush, yeah it was a blush

My final question is, what the fuck were you doing on the front row?

Oh, so I shoot for Tumblr for a blog called Plain T-Shirt, I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to work within Milk Studios and with Tumblr for MADE Fashion Week so I, um, just sat in the front row and, um, I just so happened to be there. That might not necessarily have been my seat but clearly it worked
out in the end.

FYI: Jace Lumley, the peoples hero is 24 years old and from Butler, Pennsylvania

Gif by Chris Miller

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