“We came up with the idea a few months ago,” says Morgan Collet, co-owner of [Saturdays Surf NYC]( on the surf competition being held at Rockaway Beach this week-end. “We were inspired by the really raw skate competitions that we used to go to in Brooklyn Banks,” he continued on the inspiration for their ‘Duffel Bag Of Cash’ contest. “Best wave wins,” laughs Collet who has promised a cash prize of $2k to the winner.

Rockaway Beach is the closest beach to New York City and reached by the L Train. “The break itself, depending on conditions, is a quick, fast ride that can take you all the way to the beach,” says Collett who surfs it himself regularly, “you can surf it aggressively on a shortboard or surf a longboard, for the competition everyone is welcome.”

Collett and a close-knit group of skater friends opened Saturdays Surf NYC in 2009. Collett’s home break is 54th Street at Newport Beach while co-founders Colin Tunstall is from Connecticut and Josh Rosen from Seattle. “This is the first time we’ve thrown this competition and we’re excited to see the NY surf community there,” finished Collett, “we just want to provoke some friendly competition based on the fun we used to have when we were kids, it’ll be cool to see what happens.”

Duffel Bag Of Cash Surf Contest, Rockaway Beach 67th Street Jetty.

Waiting period Sept 7-10. Open to anyone and everyone.

3 judges will score waves for a 1 hour period determined 24 hours the day before.

No jerseys, no tents, no rules, winner takes all – best wave wins.

Saturdays Surf NYC Facebook page

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