The sunlight blanketing the rooftop of The Standard Hotel left everyone longing for sunglasses, but not just because of the sun’s brilliance.

The new Prism collection of swimsuits, shoes and sunglasses were displayed at MADE Fashion Week high above the Meatpacking District, giving those lucky enough to attend more than a view to look at. The frames of the shades were seemingly retro while at the same time very modern, based on vintage 60s styles but seen through the lens of what’s happened since.

The shape of many of the shades was angular and geometric while others were classically rounded, to the point where they almost had wings. Many included metal chains that acted as lanyards, allowing you to hang the sunglasses around your neck like a necklace when not wearing them.

“I’ve always been inspired by a modern version of retro,” designer Anna Laub explains. “It’s like taking classic looks and making them feel very modern.”

Modern design is a form of looking forward, making these throwback frames appear futuristic. Prism lenses are highly polarized to help keep sun refraction to a minimum, all the while providing a chic edge to anyone wearing them. Many of them are designed in a way that makes you feel Jackie O would wear them if she were alive today. In essence, the sunglasses are both classic and classy.

The swimsuits and the shoes were meticulously handcrafted into completely ready-to-wear pieces. Laub doesn’t generally work with print, so the garments are woven with specially materials to give them texture.

“All of my stuff is very minimal,” she tells me, “and the fit is meant to be perfect.”

Dreamy models relaxed on sunloungers and circular waterbeds, catching rays wearing both the swimsuits and sunglasses from the SS13 collection. The piña coladas and Belvedere martinis suited the astro-turf on the terrace at The Standard, giving the entire atmosphere a feeling of playful sophistication. If you ever see any of the pieces of this collection being worn at a pool near you, you’re in good company.

Photography by Mike Bogart, Amanda Hakan, Masha Maltsava, Chris Swainston, and Andrew Boyle

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