SNAP, CRACKLE, POP with alexandre herchcovitch SS13

Accompanied entirely by a medley of tracks by Culture Club and Boy George, Alexandre Herchcovitch sent one of his strongest collections yet down the MADE runway. With the abundance of in-yer-face pop references – clutches embroidered with keys and smiley faces, giant hearts across chests, huge chequerboard prints and large case letters tumbling across conch-shaped tops – this runway could have been in London, such was the confidence and conviction of his play. Herchcovitch interpreted the essence of the British 80s pop singers style, as he sees it and entertainingly transposed it onto grown up fabrics and shapes. Speaking backstage after the show Herchcovitch elaborated on his design process for his spring 13 collection. Let’s kick off with talking about some of the wonderful maxi prints, the big hearts and everything.

AH: My inspiration was Boy George. I’m a huge fan of him, since I was a little kid. And he always inspired me, but this time, we took inspiration from totally on him. So we made like a huge research about- how can I say? He changes a lot, the way he dresses up. So we made like a little research, and we’ve chosen some prints that he used. The leather prints with numbers, and the plaids, and the hearts. And they’re all things that Boy George used to wear, or wore. So we did it in a much more minimal, if I can say that, because Boy George was a maximal, like Baroque or Rococo character. So we tried to reduce everything, and make it a little more minimal.

MM: The shoes and accessories really stood out

AH: The shoes, we’ve done something that we’ve always wanted to do. Each girl wore a different colored shoe, so we don’t have any repetition. So we have thirty-something colors. And also the bags, we’ve done with safety pins, and little coins with a smile, which was something that Boy George wore in the mid-eighties, beginning of the nineties. So we took little things from his ideas to transform into this collection.

MM: For those discovering MADE Fashion Week, what does it mean for a young designer such as yourself to be supported by Made Fashion Week, Jenne Lombardo and Milk Studios.

AH: I’m so thrilled. I’m very happy to have a space here to show, and I am very safe here, because I know everybody come here. Because everybody trusts MADE and Milk and Moroccan Oil. They’re companies that everybody has known for a long time so I’m very happy to be here.

MM: How does a young designer get to meet Jenné Lombardo and her team, get your work under their eyes for consideration?

AH: Oh I asked to know her, because I liked what MADE was doing. I felt the tents at New York Fashion Week were not the right place for me to be anymore. I was there for like seven years, and I wanted to be more downtown. And I’ve seen people that used to help produce shows here, and I was very happy and found that those were the people I want involved my show. So I came here.

Photography by Amanda Hakan, Masha Maltsava, and BFAnyc

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