Irishman Dean Quinn worked on the design team for the Versace mainline before breaking away to begin his own line. A succinct presentation of eight minimalist looks, the main sartorial play was with the dinner shirt (a trend on many of the runways at MADE) that Quinn experimented with to elegant results: So you’ve played with the classic shirt. So tell me about that, because you’ve done it in a few looks, for day and evening.

Dean Quinn: I started off with some photos I found of Frida Kahlo. I wanted to take those handmade men’s shirts, and work them into something that wasn’t just a normal shirtdress. I wanted to do something that was young and sexy, that could be worn to work. This one could be worn to work, with flat shoes. This one’s fine as well. I mean, and that’s how it started.

MM: How did your association with MADE Fashion Week come about, how did you find eachother?

DQ: And after I left my job at Versace, I was like, Oh God, what am I going to do next? And designing my own label came about organically, it worked and my public relations guy suggested that MADE was the right home for me, and here we are!

MM: So what does it mean for a designer like yourself to be supported by a space like Milk Studios and Jenne Lombardo who founded MADE.

DQ: There’s a lot of people in the fashion industry who people name the fairy godmother’s of fashion, blah blah blah but I really think there’s only one. Jenne’s the only person who sees the designer, and wants to help them. They’re not a commodity. She’s an adventurer, and she doesn’t have to answer to anyone. She just answers to herself, and that’s all you need. Obviously she looks great, so that helps. [Laughs]

Photography by Amanda Hakan and BFAnyc

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