Public School, SERENE PREEN

Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne showed a downtown mix of tailoring and streetwear on a impeccably cast set of rocker models at MADE Fashion Week. Brits should be aware that public school doesn’t mean private school like it does in the UK. Yi who was formerly a Creative Director of P-diddy’s Sean John label said the name comes from his and Osborne’s New York upbringing. "If you went to public school in New York it’s very much about being unique and being original and having an attitude, being able to get you by, to get you through", and that’s still what the label stands for.

Yi described this season’s concept as, "structure, we looked at how little elements help form a stronger whole, you know, like a bigger structure, a bigger form." Standouts included the double breasted suits, biker jackets and leather vests. On the brilliant jackets, Yi said "our jacket of the season is a buttonless cardigan jacket, it’s a modern shape, with a modern feel, it’s a wool-crêpe, with a silk-voille collar. But it’s still infused with our attitude, it’s really just who we are."

Photography by Andrew Boyle and Amanda Hakan

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