Milk Studios was swinging to jazz like it was the roaring 20s at Illestva’s presentation on Sunday. With a full brass band driving models to dance while serenading the onlookers, Illevester debuted their new collection of sunglasses and umbrellas with a novel approach that kept everything jive. Their circular frames were an updated version of pure period, a look that was both futuristic and classic.

“The inspiration was a lot of 1920s New Orleans, a lot of black and white movies,” name replied when asked about the collection. “You watch the black and white movies and you see designs that you could never really capture the color. We thought we’d add that to it, to where you could get that vibe of the classic, vintage kind of style and then add more vibrant colors and patterns.”

Illevester has shown at Milk’s MADE Fashion Week for the past two years, and they always find an interesting approach to their presentations. Even the bandleader was wearing sunglasses, and people kept filtering into the room with toe-tapping energy. If Billie Holliday were alive today, she’d be wearing Illesteva sunglasses.

Photography by Andrew Boyle and Chris Swainston

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