The buzz surrounding any Jeremy Scott show is always high-pitched. Once celebrity guests were seated – Tyra Banks, Adam Clayton, Paris Hilton, The Misshapes, Grimes, Skye Ferreira, Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, Cara Delevigne and London legend Jodie Harsh – a crowd of equally fascinating and sartorially bright club kid fans filed in to fill the standing-room areas. Shit was wild.

On soundtrack duties was premier runway specialist DJ Michel Gaubert who produced an incredible mix of millenial Timbaland productions and orientalist Hip-Hop beats.

The Arab Spring inspiration makes sense, Scott’s clothes might appeal to western ‘ironicists’ but in old countries where the new generation is starting to fight and win their voice, ostentatious love of all things pop makes sense. China’s population is stabilizing but the Arab world’s oil-rich population is set to double by 2050. The fashion customers of the future live here.

But Scott has always and forever represented the misfits and rebels. The trending sea-punk tumblr aesthetic Scott referenced last season, has given way to something darker, more impactful on Tumblr, like the gore trend. As kids essentially chase ever more striking images to post and re-post, Scott’s chainmail pieces adorned in mini AK-47’s definitely had the punch they’re hunting.

Colors in this collection were dark golds against black, the pallet of private members bars and hotel dancefloors of Dubai. Men and women wore fake black croc and sky blue snakeskin sportswear inspired pieces. There were logos in Arabic script, a sheer keffiyeh wrap and sunglasses from the Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott collection that aped Oakley’s snowboarding glasses circa 1990.

As ever, Scott shot for something modern, now and mischievous. The sequined burka matched with thigh-high hooker boots possessed just the sassiness Scott fans adore.

Photography by Ed Kavishe/

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