Ground Control to Ohne Titel

Flora Gill and Alexa Adams’ presentation landed on Valentine’s Day for the third year in a row, but they swear it isn’t on purpose. “We don’t ever think about the holiday because we’re so deep in the show,” said Adams. “We had some red moments in the show, but that was just to add the pop of color in the middle, and not to really pay tribute to all the holiday clichés,” added Gill.

Instead, the inspiration for the structurally-impressive collection was the Apollo mission fantasies. “My boyfriend was actually commissioned to redesign gloves for NASA and had a little show at the Eyebeam,” said Gill. “That got us a little obsessed.”

“I love the idea of space travel,” joked Adams. “We were watching all these videos of missions while making the collection and we love the infinite possibility of it all. If we could great a free ticket to space tomorrow, we’d definitely go!”

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