The Gerlan Jean‘s shows are a lot of fun. This season, the designer worked with Disney and Minnie Mouse, a fashion icon for a surprising number of female fashion editors.

Marcel Gerlan is a big believer that fashion should be part of ‘the scene’, should be about clubs. So it was no surprise, that the two high-priestesses of big apple fashion sound did the music. House of Ladosha collaborator, Michael Magnum for the Disney, Minnie Mouse section and Venus X for the main Gerlan Jeans runway.

The very few older fashion hands present, would recognize the energy of the early nineties and club wear labels based in London’s Hyper Hyper in the Gerlan Jeans collection’s simple backpacks, tee shirts, bra tops, hoodies and catsuits. But most of those in attendance were the sort of young guns designers want to see on the catwalks in their clothes.

The Disney Minnie Mouse collection featured a "Minnie Car-Toon" neoprene coat, a "BOW-TIQUE" tailored coat & jean coat and a "Minnie from the block" hoodie. Polkerdots and bows were huge and all looks came accessorized with Minnie’s red shoes naturally.

There was also according to Gerlan a political message, the show was called Gerl Power after all. This was expressed in slogans pins and prints, and even the very macho boys in the show had "gerl" and "her" pins, because the designer said "you just can’t tell who’s a girl these days. Gerlan said: "I feel this is a movement, you can feel the girl energy building culturally worldwide, this generation of girls really is experiencing feminism again."

**Photography by Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc

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