The Burning Man Survival Guide

A mask or handkerchief - Anything to keep your mouth from becoming a sand trap. Goggles will also come in handy... I mean, if you feel like being able to see ANYTHING!
Boots. It's impossible to get any footing in this muck!
Neon glowing anything will help you find your friends and your friends find you. People sporting dinner plates for pupils might also mistake you for God if you glow bright enough - which can definitely come in handy when you are asking for favors.
Empty jugs. This one is essential... you're going to need to pee somewhere at some point. Promise.
Gifts. Gifting is a big thing among burners. Every good deed done deserves something in return, so bring something you can give back.
A bike. The desert is a big place and you have a lot to see.
A canteen. You're going stay thirsty my friends.
A tent. You might be excited to sleep under the stars, but at some point privacy and protection from the constant dust spraying all over you is going to seem a lot nicer than a buncha stars a million miles away.

While Mike Abu and the rest of the Milk Made crew was trying to survive Made Fashion Week, photographer Timothy O’Malley was braving the harsh winds and cold nights of the desert while documenting his experience at Burning Man. After his week of camping out, he came back with a few tips for would be "Burners".

Here’s a survival guide to help get you through your week of wonder at Burning Man.

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