The Sky Above Eric Cahan

Indian Wells Beach, NY. Sunset 7:53pm
Bridgehampton, NY. Sunset 7:48pm
Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY. Sunset 8:10pm
El Carmen, Costa Rica. Sunset 5:34pm
Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA. Sunrise 6:57am
Two Mile Hallow, NY. Sunset 7:22pm
Venice Beach, CA. Sunrise 6:15am
Sag Harbor, NY. Sunset 7:33pm
Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA. Sunrise 6:35am
Manzanillo, Costa Rica. Sunset 5:09pm
Dune Road, Southampton, NY. Sunset 7:33pm
Terrace, Montauk NY. Sunset 7:44pm
Napeague Bay, NY. Sunset 7:44pm
Sagaponack, NY. Sunrise 620am

Photographer Eric Cahan‘s "Sky Series" is a collection of colorful depictions of the sky at sunrise or sunset from the beaches of New York, Costa Rica, California and various other parts of the world. The colors inside the photos dip and blend magically into one another, making the photos seem like portraits of the sky, and more like color palettes that create the ambiance of the world.

See more of Eric’s Sky Series here

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