RUNWAY & REVIEW: Veronique Branquinho

The thirty-nine piece collection by Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho found lift off when the color scheme turned blue. A dark, royal blue, cotton jumpsuit with rolled up yet drooping maxi-sleeves – a shape one predicts will appear as a trend on more than a few runways this season in Paris – heralded a strength in direction that moved to journeys with pleats in moss green but really gained spirit when Branquinho toyed boldly with the Bréton or Marinière stripe.

A floor-length, slim-fitting polo shirt dress with wide horizontal stripes kicked off the final seventeen looks that gazed at the female body and proposed a sort of game of illusions employing navy stripes, white and the models skin tones. Often the skin of each model provided the light band contrasting with thick navy, let’s say a strapless evening dress, that was given texture by using pleats. This trompe-l’oeil using skin mirrors one trend that’s certainly ongoing in Paris which is that healthy, glowing skin is the ultimate accessory, show it off.

The Branquinho woman isn’t tacky in her ease to bear flesh however, on the contrary, she’s still amongst the cerebral cluster of women portrayed by various designers who usually, like Branquinho, hail from Belgium. Further, the Branquinho woman is arguably more interested in games of wit than brazen sex-ploys, this was evident from the loose fitting yet demure dresses in light, near sheer materials where the maxi-sleeve theme, inked with a heavy dash of navy across the chest showed the designers confidence when she moved into territories that were all about playing hide-and-seek with eyes expectations of what should go where and when. Mind games and Marinière stripes, the poised and mysterious Branquinho woman has returned.

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Photography by NOWfashion

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