Artist, DJ, producer and photographer, Matthew Stone, 29, has exhibited his work at The Hole, NYC and was listed by The Sunday Times magazine as the most influential artist under 30 in 2011. Stone has been best friends with fashion designer Gareth Pugh since they were both students and founded the Children of !WOWOW! collective with British stylist Katie Shillingford and DJ Hanna Hanra. He has created the musical soundscapes for Pugh’s runway shows since 2006. We cornered Stone, who’s in Paris with Pugh this week for four questions..

MilkMade: Can you remember when you and Gareth first met?

MS: Gareth and I met in 2000 when we both lived in student accommodation. A mutual friend who lived on the same floor as him introduced us and we started working together from there on. It wasn’t music at that stage though, probably clubbing outfits!

MM: In the beginning how did you both approach finding the right
soundtracks for his creations?

MS: When I started making soundtracks for Gareth, they were mixes of other people’s music. After a while I started producing bespoke tracks for the shows from scratch. Although this season we have remixed an a capela vocal. We start out with usually one or two references that have often come in the form of very poorly viewed YouTube links. I’m not quite sure where Gareth finds them! And then from there I’d bring suggestions. Sometimes Gareth just suggests a two-second noise, like a fog horn or a the sound of a particular industrial process and thats the starting point. There is always a snippet of humour. Mostly that emerges in the finale music.

MM: Which solo projects do you have coming up?

MS: I recently completed a project titled ‘Everything is Possible’. It took the form of an exhibition, a music video featuring my own music that debuted on Channel 4 (in the UK) and a manifesto with a cover story published in i-D Magazine. I wanted to create propaganda for my philosophies and push it out through all the different mediums and cultural outlets I work with. The music video features Michele Lamy on vocals saying, "everything is possible & love changes everything."

MM: Could you give us five tracks you’re thinking of playing at the Gareth Pugh after party at the W tonight?

MS: Here you go…

What to do – French Fries

Club Rez – Girl Unit

Ima Read (MikeQ & B Ames mix) – Zebra Katz

How do you feel? – Matthew Stone feat. Michele Lamy & Zebra Katz

Everything is Possible (Original mix) – Matthew Stone

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