It's all Polystyrene, the singer from the X-ray specs because she was such a pioneer of vintage. - Sibling
This is a more summery more casual collection. - Louise Gray
Louise Gray
I really take in people's energy so I'll be doing an animal face design, later I'll realize who it is. - Yang Du
Yang Du
Nasir Mazhar
I love tracksuits but you just can't find any that are considered, that have any design input. - Nasir Mazhar
I'm really trying to design now for my fans. - Martin Van Der Horst
Martin Van Der Horst
I've been really inspired by the women who come into my studio it's really for them. - James Long
James Long
You know I'm all about the quality of design and the finishes the spheres are moons. - Lucas Nascimento
Lucas Nascimento
You can't see in this light but the dresses glow in the dark I was basically designing jelly fish. - Craig Lawrence
I now know what sells now I know what my woman wants so I can go mad a bit again. - Dominic Jones
You can attach the hat to a battery pack, Hamish bowels was really taken by it, understandably. - Piers Atkinson

London might be the city where trends start and the title fashion designer is synonymous with avatar of new cool, but Paris is where the world’s biggest press and buyers are always guaranteed to be. Hence the need for all the London designers to host showrooms in Paris. The idea that all designers are collected together in one building makes things as easy as possible for the aforementioned types to visit and conduct the business of fashion. For the designers themselves this leads to plenty of on-tour vibes, buzz and excitement.

Photography by Daryoush Haj-Najafi

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