We visited the WAH nails pop-up at the W Hotel in Paris and met Ely, 21 and Kat, 23 – the girls of WAH – for a quick chat to find out more on the art of nails and what it’s like working at the world’s most fashionable nail emporium.

MM: How many nails does WAH do a week?
Ely: Maybe 400? We’ve got three stores now, one in Oxford Street, London one by the Olympics site in Stratford and the original WAH nails in Dalston, East London.

MM: What’s the most insane design you’ve done recently?
Kat: We recently did two entire hands of sea creature and mermaid nails for one of our girls. It cost £50, but it took over two hours so maybe it should have cost more.

MM: So how long do these nails last?
*Ely:** If they’re on natural nails probably around 5 days if we’re putting the design on gels then 10 days or longer. But really depends for someone like a hairdresser who works with their hands the designs won’t last as long.

MM: And the most famous girls who’ve had their nails did at WAH?
Kat: Probably Azealia Banks, Dakota Fanning and Chaka Khan have dropped by, but we do a lot of photo shoots, runway shows and events too.

MM: How expensive can the nails get?
Kat: The 3D designs are the most expensive, if there’s two hands of glitter and crystal encrusted nails as much as £200.

MM: Tell me, seeing as you guys share a space with Bleach the salon responsible for the dip dye hair craze and the day-glo coral hair trend, and everyone at WAH seems to have colored hair do you have to colored to work at WAH?

Ely: No, but it helps!

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