Entering the Ligia Dias presentation, visitors were immediately greeted by a statue of a naked man inside a see-through plastic lampshade, some seriously conceptual marble furniture and Ligia in an equally architectural dress. After a week solid of passing in and out of Haussmann era buildings with oh-so-correct matching d├ęcor and fittings, her setting served to cleanse the palette. Ligia, winner of the ANDAM Award for young french designers in 2009, has been making her jewelry since 2006.

She told me, "I wouldn’t call this a collection, I regard it all as a work in progress, I have standard shapes and pieces that I work with every season. I just change the colors I’ll use the same chain link for something else. I’ll use the same washers." Ligia told how she is forever in debt to Bauhaus textile and jewelry designer, Annie Albers. Indeed Ligia’s first ever piece was a straight forward homage, it was later that she began to "contrast industrial standards with the luxury standards like pearls and Swarovski crystals."

This season there was a definite move to bright primaries. Indeed, the mix of art-deco geometry and bright colors was redolent of Memphis post-modernism. There was also a bronze cast of a noose from Ligia’s first collection. The designer summed it up, "the leather looks like rubber and the jewelry is just screws and metal balls, it doesn’t look conventionally expensive, but it is high craft."

Photography by Ami Sioux

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