Keeping Up with Kevork

Kevork Kiledjian is not an easy name to spell or pronounce, but sooner or later you’ll have no choice but to master it. The founding designer of The Guilty Brotherhood showed his sophomore namesake line at Milk, and the response is strong to say the least. We stepped backstage just before the show to get the scoop on the most important part of Kiledjian’s process: his main lady.

“My wife Fanny will always be my muse but for the moment, the 1920’s were my primary focus,” said the designer. “In a way, I feel like fashion always goes in cycles, and the 20’s closely resembled the 70’s. It’s when women were wearing shorter skirts, they smoked cigarettes, had a little bit of cognac, and were very sexually liberated. Women are very important in my life. They make me keep on fighting.”

Kiledjian is of a select group of designers who involve their wives intimately in the creative process. “It’s very important for me to get the female perspective on my work,” added Kiledjian. “It’s very natural between us. And she always sees things that I don’t. It’s a great deal.” But does Kiledjian find it hard to leave his work at the office? “It’s very difficult,” he admitted. “We’re actually working to create a set of rules and finding some balance. But everything is fine so far!”

What’s next for the duo? “I have no idea!” conceded Kiledjian. “We were stuck in a cave because we started the collection a little later this season. I swear, I haven’t been to a party in two months!”

  • Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of Chad Moore

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