It could have been the billows of fog from the fog machine that made the fire department come over to Westway last night where *Vans** and Milk Made were throwing the after party for Bowl-A-Rama.

Maybe the firemen were there because they had heard that each room of the well compartmentalized club was jam packed with hoodie wearing, skateboard toting, beer chugging Australians (and some brave New Yorkers trying to keep up with the alcohol consumption) that were basically crawling on top of each other to move from the bar to the dance floor. The club had become so packed by the busses that seemed to constantly be dropping off more and more party goers in hoards. The crowd outside the club spilled all over the street like gasoline from a parked car.

Or maybe it was the fact that the music from Dangerous Dan, DJ Truth, DJ Lino and DJ Spun was so loud that neighboring apartments all over the Meat Packing were probably calling in noise complaints for miles about the event that was being produced by Ronnie Flynn.

Personally, we think that it was because Milk Made’s first attempt at throwing a party was so hot, that the firemen could have sworn that the building was on fire.

Photos By: Eduardo Enrique Silva

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