Our Favorite Instagrams in the Entire Universe

If you spend as much time on instagram as we do – you might start to get played out on seeing the same photos from the same people again and again and again. I mean, there’s only so many pictures of someones cat or dinner that a person can handle before they throw their phone against a wall. Here’s list of ten of our favorite Instagram feeds that will help save you from the monotony of the mundane party photos and out of focus pictures of rainbows. #follow

@alexpardee: If for nothing else, artist Alex Pardee‘s instagram is worth following solely for the fact that he is the inventor of the awesome app #waycooler which completely lives up to its name by allowing people to superimpose Alex’s art on top of their cell phone pictures – which makes every picture look WAY COOLER! Alex also happens to be one of the funniest people we know – we met up with him a while back at the Sundance Film Festival. To top it all off, Alex has a partner in crime that shows up in his instagram a lot – his girlfriend Chloe Rice, who is a great photographer and became part of the Milk family when she took a trip with us to photograph The Firefly Music Festival. Trust us, you won’t ever get bored of flipping through the weird pictures in Alex Pardee’s instagram.

@cocorocha: Are you best friends with Coco Rocha? Probably not, but trust us, you’ll feel like you are part of her life if you follow her on Instagram. The social media savvy super model is kind enough to take her followers with her wherever she goes – and she goes to A LOT of really cool places. So even if she isn’t texting you to tell you all about details of her dinner with the fashion elite – you won’t be left in the dark.

@dallasclayton: A daily dose of Dallas Clayton does the body good. After the unbelievable success of his first book simply titled An Awesome Book, the young artist and poet was heralded as the "next Dr. Seuss", which are big (strange) shoes to fill. Dallas has one thing the good doctor didn’t have though – Instagram! By using his Instagram to entertain with drawings and short inspirational poems emphasizing the importance of creating art, using your imagination and just being you amazing self, Dallas can take his followers away from a cynical world full of bills and ex-girlfriends for a while, and remind them what it was like to be a kid again.

@friendswithyou: After seeing the spacey/psychedellic art exhibit by the art collective FriendsWithYou at Art Basel last year – we were hooked. These guys must live an entirely different world made of ice cream and floating hearts and water slides. Dear FriendsWithYou… we want to be friends with you!!!

@magaret__zhang: We met Margaret Zhang at dinner one night amidst all the fashion week madness. The first thing you notice about the girl is her award winning smile (seriously… she probably has an award on her shelf for "best smile").The second thing we noticed is her amazing style. The girl can dress – which is probably the reason why her style blog Shine By Three does so well. The instagram is an extension of the blog, so you can always know how much you wish you could raid her closet.

@jennelombardo: Jenne is our homegirl. The chick can make you jealous just by being herself. She’s got style, she’s got jokes and she basically has an all access pass to everywhere you have ever wanted to go. You know that girl in school that always made you ask yourself ‘How the hell is she so cool?’ – Jenne taught her… that’s how.

@futuradosmil: You may no Futura 2000 as an amazing street artist. You might know him from the art that he did for Unkle. You might know him from his collaboration with *nike8 and Lance Armstrong. You might even know him from the party at Milk Studios Los Angeles to celebrate the collaboration he did with Hennessy. What you probably don’t know about the well known artist is that he also has one of the coolest Instagram feeds around. Filled with lots of pictures of neon lights and subway cars, let Futura show you how it’s done.

@tuulavintage: We don’t know just how Jessica Stein is able to go all over the world on a bloggers budget (she tried to explain it once), all we know is that she is living the life we wish we could. Aside from all the stamps she has in her passport, she also has an amazing knack for taking things from a flea market and giving them a brand new life. Sure – it doesn’t hurt that the girl is so pretty that she could wear a potato sack and make it look amazing, but still, if you like classic style follow Jessica Stein on Instagram as she adventures all over in the world in a dress and high heels.

@akitching: The internet sensation Audrey Kitching is a lot of things – a designer, a stylist, a model, a fashion journalist and now she is the style editor for Buzznet. She also held a permanent position in a lot of peoples Top 8 on Myspace – but even though a lot of the Myspace elite lost touch with their fan base when they began to log out of their Myspace accounts for good… Audrey somehow kept the hype alive and stays strong, sporting a huge following on Instagram. Some girls look good on the internet, and some girls make the internet look good – Audrey is the latter.

@natgeo: Guys… it’s fucking National Geographic… of course you should follow them. DUH!

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