Sundance Film Festival: Meeting up with Alex Pardee

Milk Made’s Kalvin Lazarte had the opportunity of meeting up with artist Alex Pardee while they were both freezing their asses off in line for tickets at the Sundance Film Festival in the beautiful town of Park City, Utah. Kalvin, being a Utah native, wanted to find out just what Alex thought of his first time hanging out in his neck of the woods.

Kalvin Lazarte: What was your take on Park City and the crowd at Sundance?

Alex Pardee: I’d never been to any kind of resort town before so my only experience was from what i’d watched in Hot Dog The Movie, Dumb & Dumber, Better Off Dead & Hot Tub Time Machine.
Half of my expectations were met I think. There was snow, and there were a lot of people in bright pink parkas and a lot of British accents floating around, but there were no time traveling swimming pools or accidental crime-solvers.

KL: What was there to do in Park City/Utah besides see films? Did you have a good time?

AP: It was my first time at Sundance so we didn’t know all of the secrets to getting movie tickets so we didn’t see a lot of the movies that we wanted to anyway, but we DID stare at Lou Diamond Phillips for about 40 seconds and that was awesome. We made monsters out of food, went to a few industry gatherings that I will never quite understand how to conduct myself comfortably so I just default to finding ways to sneak out as much food as possible and having impromptu photo shoots with strangers.

I had my first big snowball fight in the streets of Park City which started innocently and quickly morphed into a soft, freezing 30 minute recreation of the storming of Normandy. My girlfriend and I had never made a snowman before and we quickly found out that it’s a lot harder than Calvin & Hobbes made it seem. So we settled for more of a snow-bin rather than a snow-man.

KL: We saw you at the premiere of The Pact – what you thought of it?

AP: The Pact was the first of 4 movies we were able to get tickets to. I always considered that coveted "Official Selection Of Sundance" seal as something that was legit so I had high expectations to actually see a Sundance movie before the hype, but unfortunately within the first 4 minutes I realized The Pact was a piece of shit.

I like to allow myself to have fun with movies. I love horror movies and it’s easy to forgive unrealistic situations and plot holes when the movie draws you in by making it fun, but unfortunately The Pact relied too much early on by just defaulting to loud noises and cliche ghost-hunting mystery nonsense.

But easily the best movie we saw at the festival and one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a few years was INDIE GAME: The Movie, about the emotional journey that independent video game developers go through to facilitate their passions. It’s awesome. And that was proceeded by a short documentary about a hoarder that has built thousands of tiny sex-robots over the course of 40-years that he plans on eventually making a stop-motion robot-attack-beastiality-sex movie with. That was awesome.

KL: You think you’ll return next season?

AP I would love to come back every year! Most of my traveling revolves around work though so I just have to figure out how to crow-bar in some work out there and then yep, I’ll be there.

Photos By: Chloe Rice

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