Milk Made Goes to Comic Con!

Milk Made sent our resident comic book fan boy turned photographer Andrew Boyle to New York’s Comic Con. Watch as Andrews mind almost implodes on itself as he runs around Comic Con like a fox in a henhouse as he meets hero after geeky hero, test drives up and coming video games and spends all his hard on money on toys (ps… don;t ever call them "toys" around Andrew or any other geek… you’ll get a twenty minute lecture about how they are "Collectible Action Figures" or something.) Andrew Boyle Reports:

Three days, two sore feet and a rather decimated savings account later, this photographer surmised that this geek culture has long moved out of it’s stereo type of being populated by outsiders after spending the weekend at New York’s Comic Con. Surrounded by 100,000 enthusiasts, what is prevalent is that among the hundreds and perhaps thousands of creators, writers, actors, designers and artists present at this years event, is that they love what they do, their passion is refreshing, they do it for the fans and they go out of their way to interact and thank them for coming to this temple of fandom once a year. And having grown up inhaling Batman comics and anime since being introduced to reading and television, I’ll no doubt be back – ‘same bat-time, same bat-channel’, as they say.

For a round up of the now infamous and plentiful costumes from the weekend, check out The Heroes of Comic Con

To check all the toy-wonders that are set to release in 2013 in Geeking Out At Comic Con With Andrew Boyle

Artwork By: Andrew Boyle

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