The Very First "Escape For Good" Race

Anybody who knows me knows I spend most of my time in New York working out ways to get out of New York, so when Milk Studios was approached to participate in a contest called Escape For Good , I was an obvious pick.

The rules include using zero funds to get as far away from the New York City in exactly 24 hours as possible, and as seasoned veteran of having nothing to use outside of wit, a cell phone with an excess of personality, Milk Studios is bringing me on as their ace in the hole – I’m a proverbial shark rapidly swimming laps in a kiddie pool. They asked us to come in teams of two, meaning I needed to be paired with someone who had the necessary skills I was lacking, and after careful consideration, Milk selected MilkMade’s Creative Director Kalvin Lazarte. As many girls can testify, he can be extremely persuasive over a 24-hour period.

Part of the contest requires us to dress up like our favorite hero, but since I can’t go as myself or Dee Dee Ramone, we’re going to have to come up with something special. We’d give you some hints but we don’t want one of the other teams to rip us off and cramp our style. Let’s just say we ain’t dressin’ like no Punky Brewster.

The team to get the furtherest out of New York and from the starting point of the race (Milk Studios) will receive $10,000 for a charity of our choice, which once again unfortunately isn’t me. Our team will be competing to help raise money for our friends at Stoked Mentoring. The contest will be held on Saturday, October 27th, and we’ll be broadcasting our progress every 30 minutes throughout the day, so if you receive news that we’re stuck in jail somewhere deep in the South, please wire us bail money as fast as possible. I can almost guarantee you can use it as a tax write-off.

Escape For Good is brought to you by ESCAPE, the team behind experiential festivals Escape to New York, Escape to Montauk, and Escape to L.A., with support from the creative firm Sunshine Sachs, Milk Studios, Virgin Mobile and Vitamin Water, who make up a long list of companies who want me out of New York City as soon as possible.

You can donate to our team’s charity by going here or If you would like to participate, click on the link here. But we warned—you’re gonna get your asses kicked.

See you on the open road…

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