Opening Night: Jill Greenberg - Horses

Milk Gallery enjoyed an evening hosting photographer Jill Greenberg‘s book launch and opening night of her newest exhibition Horses. Wine and champagne poured freely as the crowd oohed and awed over Jill’s latest work. If you are a fan of Jill’s work, you know that the photos are no ordinary portraits of horses. They gleam with glossed colors so bright and vibrant that it makes the skin of the horse seem synthetic. The silver metal of a horses bit has undergone such graceful color manipulation that it appears to be something out of an Audi commercial rather than out of a barn. Jill was kind enough to greet her fans and sign copies of her book. Hopefully you had the chance to catch the show, because after tonight it will ride off into the sunset, never to be seen (at MIlk Gallery) again.

Photos By: Therese + Joel

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