Here is the second installment of our Photo Story series with **Jill Greenberg**, where the photographer recalls the backstory behind her photo and provides us with a glimpse of what it was like shooting **Horses**. "Where as the other photograph is meant to refer to the phallus, this photograph is quite literal. Unfortunately it did not make the final edit in the book, but i love the in-your-face nature of it. This is another stallion, Cypress, a black Arabian who lives outside of Vancouver and is owned by Danny Virtue. The landscape up there is so gorgeous and idyllic and I did some work outside in the early morning when we were setting up in the ring, but all the shots of Cypress are in studio. A Cypress image is also on the cover of the book, painted in the "Rainbow Unicorn" approach that i borrowed from myself as a little girl. When I was shooting his nether regions he definitely got a bit embarrassed. I shot mostly stallions for the book, and mostly at stables. So when a mare would walk by the ring when we were shooting, the stallions would get erections. Ah, the animal world, so simple." – Jill Greenberg

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