David Leventi: Opera House Photo Story

Photographer David Leventi was kind enough to share one of his favorite stories from his travels around the globe in search of world famous opera houses. His journey's led him through some of the most glamorous and scenic destinations in the world – and sometimes it led him through the not-so-glamorous parts of the map. Here is David Leventi's Photo Story about his arrival to the Amargosa Opera House:

"After driving for about two hours from Las Vegas to Death Valley Junction in the dead of summer. I arrived in a tiny town (practically a ghost town) filled with tumble weed, jackrabbits and an opera house. The temperature gauge in my white rental car read 125 degrees. I soon found the caretaker/sheriff/handyman/doctor/tax collector/jack-of-all-trades and he kindly opened the padlocked door to the opera house and turned on the lights. What was illuminated was a vernacular trompe l'oeil masterpiece painted by Marta Becket that references the grand old opera houses of Europe. I spent a few hours alone photographing in the adobe building sheltered from the harsh rays of the sun." – David Leventi

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