Dan Martensen: American Southwest Photo Story

Photographer Dan Martensen returned from his roadtrip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with a multitude of photographs portraying the state of decay that many towns along the way had been left in – the bulk of these images would become Photographs From The American Southwest, Martensen's latest photo essay book. Along with the photos he returned with, Martensen also returned with some interesting stories about his trip across the forsaken southwest – he shared a few of them with Milk Made for our Photo Story series.

"This photo was taken one day in Texas. I think we were somewhere near Marfa actually. My friend Jay and I got hungry and I remember going up to it as if it were still open.  When I got to the door and realized the restaurant had been closed for business, I was kindof stunned by how it looked because it seemed as though literally someone had just shut the doors and left, leaving the place almost in a panic or something. Everything was still in there, but pieces of the place were a bit off, like the chairs being sortof scattered, signs peeling off the windows and so on. I had to take a picture, and I guess it kindof summed up the project in a sense because it made it to the cover of the book." – Dan Martensen

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