Opening Night of "Polaroids" by Diego Uchitel

Hundreds of polaroids fastened tightly to the walls of Milk Gallery tell the story of Diego Uchitel's accomplished 25-year career in photography, and come together to build his latest exhibition simply entitled "Polaroids". Proceeding an artist talk by Uchitel, the doors of the gallery were opened to a long line of gallery strollers who couldn't wait to press their noses up close to the images that included shots of David Bowie, Wynton Marsalis, Christian Louboutin, Quentin Tarantino and many more.

After spending enough time going from one picture to another, and then stepping back to take it all in at once, you are able to recognize that each photo is both a piece of a large puzzle, creating one massive work of art on the gallery wall; as well as indivudual works of art that have their own important story to tell in the saga of Uchitel's succesful career.

Polaroids will remain hanging in Milk Gallery until December 9th and is not to be missed.

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