Aboard Holy Ship!


The second annual Holy Ship! was a party not to be missed. Held on a massive cruise ship sailing through the Bahamas, the three-day floating EDM festival featured a collection of artists who are rapidly becoming legends in the genre. Promised performances by Knife Party, Justice, Skream and Diplo brought fans from around the world, and a secret Skrillex performance ensured they weren’t disappointed.

But for the majority of participants, Holy Ship! was more than a standard festival—it was a personal release.

There was a vibe of unabashed love on deck. Everywhere around us, we found unique individuals dancing with desperation, and the energy was infectious. It felt like a suspension of reality. Nothing in the world seemed to matter more than being in the moment. Brief interruptions like an excursion into Nassau led to wild stories of being on shore, and the private island beach party made it seem like you were participating in an MTV Spring Break. Back on the boat, L.E.D. lights blazed like stars as subwoofers thundered into the night. It’s a wonder everyone didn’t go deaf.

The top deck acted as the main stage, but you wouldn’t know that by watching a show in the giant sixth floor theater. The eclectic décor of the floating labyrinth kept you guessing at every turn, with every hallway leading to a different show. People danced with reckless abandon from sunrise to sunrise at various parties raging throughout the ship. Winter sunshine beamed during the day, and the darkness of the night reminded you of how isolated the boat was.

It was probably a mixture of the two. If a photo says a thousand words, than these pictures speak volumes. I’m still processing what actually happened. What I do know is, I’ll never forget whatever I remember.

Photos By: Kalvin Lazarte

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