Bouncing Our Way Into Sundance

The first weekend of Sundance is all about the parties. The movies are almost an afterthought for most people, and it’s hard to say if anybody’s there for any other reason than to say they went to Sundance, again. The film festival lasts two weeks purely to give people a chance to spin out of their binge and see everything they said they were seeing to begin with. The Milk Made team was just going with the flow.

Over at the Claim Jumper, shit was on.

The stripped down miners camp turned pop-up headquarters for Milk, Myspace and Burton was the craziest time ever. Out of the blue we’d been transported to New Orleans, and after seeing Nokia Music‘s premiere of New American Noise in the Claim Jumper’s screening room, that made complete sense. Elicit dance moves were not only encouraged but expected. Bounce blasted down the main street of Park City while two lovely young ladies straight from The Big Easy hypnotized the entire room with insane ass shaking, booty clapping, hip gyrating bounce moves. Even Lil Jon, Adrian Grenier and Neon Hitch stopped by the Claim Jumper to see what all of our fuss was about.

According to a guy who, for some unknown reason was dressed up like Abraham Lincoln, “It was a fucking party.”

photos by: David Trujillo

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