Burton's Sunday Slopeside Happy Hour

Sundance is partially about slippery slopes, a fact that explains why it attracts so many snowboarders. From what I’ve come to understand, there’s really only a few ways you can go about it—crash and burn or get to the lodge.

There’s nobody better than Burton when it comes to keeping it real in the Rockies. They’re one of the most respected companies in the game, so when you bring a bunch of novices to the greatest snow on Earth, having the experts show you the ropes is next to invaluable.

According to the pros, shredding’s just the beginning of it.

The Pig Pen Saloon at the Park City Mountain Resort was the most welcoming place for anybody who’d fallen on their ass for the seventh time. Rippers like Gabi Viteri, Zak Hale and Danny Kass took a break from making everybody jealous by nonchalantly chatting with off-duty Victoria’s Secret models, which clearly isn’t taking a break from anything. Some people are talented to the point of ridiculousness. Alessandra Ambrosio proved that by simply walking through the room. Hannah Bronfman kept it real while DJ Spider dropped a tutorial on Soul, and everybody there appreciated both. It was hard not to notice the lift swaying.

According to the pros, it’s just a way of life.

photos by: David Trujillo

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