House Casting: Bart

It felt good to see House Casting‘s name in the credits of a film premiering at Sundance for their role in casting the film. It felt even better since the film was actually something worth watching.

Part of a shorts program put on by Canon, the film Bart made it’s premiere inside the New Frontier Microcinema on the outskirts of Park City. The film was the first of three short films that had been shot with a Canon EOS. Part of Canon’s workshop to promote new talent and support cinematographers known as Canon Spotlights Cinematography.

Bart tells the story of a young man who has just had his heart broken. He moves through his daily routines seemingly un-phased by his breakup, save for the giant arrow through his heart. Bart deals with the symbol of his broken heart by altering his clothing and washing the small blood stains from his shirt each morning in the sink. The pain of losing someone is numbed by the possibility of a new romance when Bart meets a lovely young lady on his commute to work.

House Casting is proud to have had a part in turning this story into a reality, and helping to promote a new talented filmaker like Rich Landes. Rich turned a simple idea into a heart warming film fit for Sundance and if Bart is any indication of what we can expect from him in the future, we are positive his films will be an important part of the Sundance community.

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