Prepare Yourselves For Made Fashion Week

Can we just be honest for a minute… fashion week is a bitch! Imagine trying to plan a night where you throw the biggest party, the coolest concert, the most epic art show and the most constructive business meeting all at once. Now do that for a week straight while trying to circumnavigate your way around a whole lot of boojwah attitudes that are riding high horses in high heels. That’s what it feels like for most everyone in the industry who has been given the thankless task of assembling fashion weeks around the world.

But as the years rock on, the one safe haven from all the fashion week atrocities seems to be our very own Made Fashion Week. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but last year, we lit a fire under fashion week’s ass. We gave out free tattoos, threw down against The Standard in a hockey battle royal, got second hand high with Wutang and Die Antwoord and told Kanye and Kim where to pick up fertility medication.

Every season it feels like we are the ones who bring the keg to the champagne party… but not this season. This season it feels like everyone’s lining up with their plastic red cups to get a taste of what we’re serving. With the help of some amazing sponsors and an all star roster of designers, we have been able to finally look back on all the blood, sweat and whiskey that has been spilled to create MADE fashion week and laugh. I might be speaking a little too soon though, because now that we have got a solid seat at the table in New York, it looks like we are going to have to start brushing up on our French. Ooh la fucking la.

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