Hikari Shimoda's Children

The adorably evil children in Hikari Shimoda‘s portrait paintings leave you swinging back and forth between "Awww… how cute!" and "AHHH! Run for your life!". The devil horned adolescents live in a world of bright, cotton candy colors, where stars twinkle out of their eyes and their freshly stitched wounds. The children’s eyes dilate into rainbows and appear to have no life at all behind them as they look past the artist and into another universe.

There has been a growing popularity in adding a cute side to creepy in recent times. Monsters Inc, Ugly Dolls, the cast of Glee. It is all very surface deep though. Shimoda’s paintings have a deeper and darker undertone to them. Rather than making the image of a demonic child less terrifying by adding in bright colors and soft backdrops, Shimoda’s color palette only adds to the uneasy feeling you get as you stare toward the possessed little ones.

For more information on Hikari Shimoda’s work please visit his website

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