Wine and Women: Katie Gallagher's Day of Casting

I spent the last couple of days hanging out in Made designer Katie Gallagher‘s apartment in the Lower East Side. The small space squeezed me, Katie’s team of giggling girls and my photographer together quiet nicely as we gathered together to watch one hopeful model after another present themselves for Katie’s approval.

The white haired 26-year old Gallagher seemed unphased by most of the process. By now, she’s done this song and dance so many times that she knows exactly what she is looking for, and it isn’t until she finds a diamond in the rough that she will give them more than a glance.

75 girls into the casting process Katie’s ladies that had been cooped up in the apartment began talking less about work and more about traveling, shopping and the perks of being single. I tried my best to listen with my good ear as I kept traveling to and from the kitchen to steal more candy corn out of one of the many jars of candy Katie keeps well stocked.

Later, as the day turned into night we sat around talking about the changes Katie’s made to the way she does things. She’s becoming more and more of a seasoned professional and it definitely shows in the pieces she makes. Her Fall/Winter 2013 line pulls inspirations from Dr. Zhivago, with jewelry designs for the show mimicking something Katie saw in an old Pulp music video.

Katie loosely flipped through the pictures of the girls she had seen over the last few days and explained why they did or did not fit into her show. Trust us girls, if you have ever felt judged by a man in your lives, it’s nothing compared to the magnifying glass you will go under when you go to a casting. It’s clear that Katie has a vision and it’s not to be messed with – hopefully, with the day of her presentation at fashion week just a few days away, she will be able to tie up all her loose ends and give us another amazing presentation. Luckily for me, I get to watch it all come together, as Katie has invited my photographer and I to hang out with her all fashion week. Tomorrow’s agenda: Skirts and Hair.

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