Material Girl: Katie Gallagher's Burnt Skirt

As I walked up to the door of Katie’s apartment building the smell of sage permeated the air. The smell was even more intense as I opened the door and saw Katie sitting with a friend going over the details of her upcoming show and ordering wine to be delivered.

"This is Franc. His name is Francis, but I have renamed him Franc." As Katie informed me of this I could tell that Franc wasn’t as thrilled about the changing of his name as Katie was.

Before I even had a chance to ask about the burning sage, the smell of burnt hair drove itself into my nose like a freight train. I looked around wondering where the smell could be coming from and got my answer.

"Does it stink? It’s the wool for the skirts. it smells like burnt hair because we used a laser cutter to cut out the patterns in the material." Katie held up the black material which was cut into web-like patterns. I pulled it close to my face… it smelled horrible. Even with the incense of sage lingering in the air, I would still find patches of the room where the burnt smell of wool was taking over.

The wine arrived at the same time our photographer did. Katie began to sew the material on her beautiful Juki Straight Stitch sewing machine while we talked and drank wine from goblets designed to look like skulls. That’s the coolest part about Katie’s house – it’s like halloween every day of the year. She has candy corn ropes dangling from her bookshelf, a pack of rubber rats are nailed to wall next to her intercom and bat silhouette decals act as a vignette around her bed. It’s definitely the perfect atmosphere for Katie to create her work in.

I’m just really happy that there’s a lot of halloween candy to eat.

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