Instababes: Our Top 10 to follow for fashion week

Here’s another top ten list of our favorite Instagrams. This one focuses on ten babes you should follow as MADE Fashion Week begins.

It’s safe to say that this list of ladies are gonna pump up the pretty on your instagram feed. Add to this list MADE founder @JenneLombardo‘s Instagram and you’ve got eleven ladies who’ll be invited to all the parties us "normals" can’t get into and have a better view of the runway and the behind-the-scenes areas of some of the best shows during fashion week. So do your eyes brain a favor and start following our list of Instababes.

@lenadunham: The truth is, we have no idea what Lena Dunham is going to spend her fashion week doing. It just seemed fitting to start out this list of awesome instagram babes with the writer, director and star of the HBO series Girls. If the comedically poignant dialogue from the show about a group of young, restless and overly dramatic girlfriends living in New York City isn’t enough for you, then spend a couple hours oogling Lena’s feed. You can hear Lena’s distinct voice inside your head as you read her charmingly witty captions under photos of her dog, her costars and her wardrobe.

Why we follow Lena: Most celebrity feeds make us feel like we really can’t relate to the lifestyles of the rich and famous at all, but Lena’s feed makes us feel like we could really be friends with her. She’s a real person, which is probably why all the characters in the show Girls are so relatable… even if sometimes it’s in a way that makes you want to strangle all of them and bury them under their Sylvia Plath books.

@alisonmarieisbell: The young stylist Alison Isbell has been part of the Milk family since the very beginning of Made Fashion Week. Fresh off the bus from Utah, Alison seemed to be a magnet for street style photographers who couldn’t get enough of her eccentric outfits right from the start. Made’s Jenne Lombardo took a shinning to the young new comer and has helped to mama bird her into a pretty awesome spot in the fashion world. Her twist of fashion falls into a "goth-meets-glam" category and has given her the opportunity to begin styling for some of the top photographers and magazines in the industry while also being featured in various ad campaigns and countless fashion blogs. Her instagram feed gives a backstage look at her days on set as a stylist as well as showcases her impecable personal style.

Why we follow Alison: To stay on top of what’s weird, wild and within our budget during fashion week.

@joyann_bazaar: The site director for Harper’s Bazaar, Joyann King, is a doll. Her life looks like a lot of fun. By the way her instagram feed makes it look, she is constantly attending fashion shows around the world and being invited to a slew of industry insider events. We bet that this is exactly what girls that dream of going to work for a fashion magazine think their lives will be like when they do.

Why we follow Joyann: Joyann’s definitely in the know about what’s going on in the world of fashion, so following her on instagram will give you lots of bragging rights about how you knew about what all your friends are talking about before they did. Try your best not to send Joyann comments asking her if you can intern for her though… We’re sure she gets that a lot.

@chloenorgaard: Model/Muppet Chloe Norgaard looks like the most fun you can pack into one person. Her rainbow colored instagram feed fits perfectly with her ever changing hair color and acts as a much needed break from the countless pictures that show up on our feed of what people are having for dinner and what outfit their baby’s wearing. It’s like a unicorn rode by and dipped Chloe’s life in sprinkles. Her instagram feed follows her modeling career as it hops her around the world from one paradisiacal destination to another.

Why we follow Chloe: We sort of use Chloe as a rating system for parties, since she seems to be at every "best party ever" that we’ve ever been to. So if Chloe’s instagram shows us that she is at a fashion week party that we aren’t at, we know it’s time to bail and get to where she is.

@sarahxhay: No one does it better than our editor! Sarah Hay is the Paris editor for i-D Magazine and will be returning for her second season of Made Fashion Week as the editor-in-chief of Milk Made. She’s got a keen eye and a silver tongue when it comes to the world of fashion. Peep her instagram and you might learn a thing or two about a thing or two, plus, you’ll get an insiders view of what it’s like to be part of the well oiled machine that is Milk Made.

Why we follow Sarah: DUH! She’s taking pictures of all of us!!

@katiemariegallagher: Made fashion designer Katie Gallagher is our new best friend. Besides having an outstanding fashion line, she’s also got one of the best personal styles we’ve seen. She’s like a gothic witch that got stuck inside of Tron. She switched from a blackberry to an iphone six months ago and has been blowing up on instagram ever since. Check her out if you like anything that has to do with fashion or black metal.

Why we follow Katie: Because we love fashion and black metal.

@zannarassi: We know superheroes aren’t real (probably), but Zanna’s abilities as a stylist are basically super human. The Fashion Police co-host comes with a prolific resume, including fashion editor for Marie Claire magazine. Her high heels have walked her down countless red carpets as she’s taught her audience all about fashion’s "do’s and don’ts". She spends her days rubbing shoulders with the fashion elite and still finds time to come to Milk for a late night jam session every now and again. Basically, Zanna is our homegirl.

Why we follow Zanna: Zanna is the queen of Milk. She’s family. Watching her daily successes makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

@ohchloe: Oh Chloe… how’d you get to be so cool? Chloe Rice came to us direct from Tumblr to shoot fashion week two seasons ago. She spent nearly every waking minute with the Milk Made team partying and sticking googly eyes all over everything. She’s all lovey-dovey with our buddy, artist Alex Pardee, who we featured in our last list of our favorite instagrams. She herself is a talented artist, and a wizard with a camera. Her photos are as bright and vivid as the ever changing color of her hair. Since fashion week she has gone on to shoot for Disney’s Tumblr and went on one more adventure with Milk Made to shoot The Firefly Music Festival. Hopefully we can keep convincing her to come hang out and shoot with us for years to come.

Why we follow Chloe: Chloe may or may not be the funniest girl we know. Her photos are ridiculously good and incredibly fun, but it’s the captions that she writes that really make her instagram a little treasure. Trust us… Chloe is DEFINITELY someone you should follow.

@meagancamper: Fun fact: Model Meagan Camper who is romantically linked to the one and only Pete Wentz interned for Milk Made during a fashion week long ago. Hopefully she wont mind us telling you that she made work a little bit hard for us, since none of our photographers could help themselves from focusing their lenses on her rather than the runway. After fashion week was over we missed seeing Meagan’s beautiful face all the time, so the next best thing was to keep a close eye on her via instagram. Her life is pretty fucking awesome and it’s only getting more and more awesome now that she’s signed to One Model Management.

Why we follow Meagan: It’s nice to be able to have a picture of a girl that looks like Meagan on your phone so that you can show your friends and say "Yeah… I know that girl".

@madefw: Shameless self promotion. Made Fashion Week has grown so big that we can no longer contain it’s coolness in just one instagram. We have built the madefw instagram for all of you who want to fixate your eyes on fashion and only fashion. Run by the Milk Made social media team, the madefw instagram feed will be your hardwire directly into everything that is going on at Made Fashion Week.

Why we follow Madefw: It’s a dirty job, but someones gotta do it.

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