Who doesn’t want to dress like MADE co-founder Jenne Lombardo? Well now she’s gone and launched her own collection (with a little bit of help from Macy’s), so we can all score a slice of her downtown cool. We interrupted her as she was trying on her fashion week outfits (minimum three per day, people) to get the low-down.

How did the collaboration come about?
Like with everything we do, it was a happy accident. We were approached by multiple different retailers – an amazing problem to have I think you’ll agree – but Macy’s really allowed us the most flexibility to do what we wanted to do. As a partner we could tell they wouldn’t try to change our vision, and wanted to support our culture, which was so important.

Was it something you wanted to do for a long time?
No! We never thought of it until we were approached, and they we were like; ‘well, why wouldn’t we?! Of course we should do that!’

Are you actually designing the pieces yourself?
I am. I’m working really closely with the whole Macy’s design team – a massive learning experience for me, which I am enjoying so much. We’ve created about 4 or 5 collections so far, a couple of hundred pieces already.

The collection is inspired by New York creatives – did you have a specific muse?
Not so much that, but we hang out on the street and picked up on little pieces here and there from our friends. We wanted to create pieces they would actually wear and feel rad in. It’s also inspired by stuff in my own wardrobe, primarily my favorite vintage pieces – those hard-to-find discoveries that everybody loves, and which you would die if you lost.

So you’re remaking them so they can live forever?

Where’s the best place for vintage shopping?
Ohio, where I’m from. New York is so picked apart because everybody here has such a great eye. Walking into stores in Ohio and finding gems for like a third of the price they would be here is so exciting.

What’s your favorite piece from the launch collection?
I really love this grey padded sweatshirt we did, it looks kind of thug, kind of military, but also really modern schoolboy. I like it paired with a classic school uniform Oxford underneath, and leather pants.

Beginning March 12, Macy’s customers can shop the MADE Fashion Week for Impulse collection by visiting

Photography by Masha Maltsava

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