The Last Magazine celebrates 10th issue at Milk Gallery

The 10th issue of The Last Magazine was celebrated with a party inside the Milk Gallery, we caught up with one of the founders and editor Magnus Berger to get the lowdown on the content of the coffee table-licious issue..

MilkMade: You’re one of the editors at Last Magazine, it’s a bi-annual and this issue is the 10th so tell us a little bit about whats inside..

Magnus Berger: We did our first launch Milk gallery four and a half years ago so we thougth it would be great to do the 10th issue party here aswell. The idea started with, "what can we do with issue 10, lets go for it, lets do 10 different covers, 10 different life size posters and then do this special edition that also comes with, you know, the issue of the magazine and all these different posters.

MM: What kind of articles are in this issue?

MB: Theres a mix of artists, activists, young designers, new actors. Access of information is so much quicker then what it was four and a half years ago. Tofay, anyone finds a new talent and fifteen seconds later everybody knows about it. I’ve focused on a shift towards caring much, more about editing content that is available for everybody with the assumption that everybody has access to it but this is our version of what we like, its very personal the way we pick things. And the way we choose who we collaborate with.

MM: So where is your office?

MB: Houston Street, above Ms. Lily’s, same building as Ms. Lily’s do you know that place? It’s a Jamaican restaurant thats run by Serge Becker.

MM: You eat there a lot?

MB: I go to the juice bar around the corner, which is the best juice bar in New York.

MM: Thanks for the tip, I see your models are arriving, let’s go and say hello..

Photography by Chris Swainston

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