Juicy Couture may have moved on from the velour tracksuits that put them on the map, but the LA-casual fall ’13 presentation at the Bleecker Street store was aimed lock, stock and two smoking bazookas at the very same perma-tanned, plastic-fantastic babe. Want proof? We asked President and Chief Creative Officer LeAnn Nealz what gets the Juicy girl going these days…

MilkMade What’s a wild Friday night for Juicy girl?

LeAnn Nealz She starts out with a few drinks at the Chateaux, then goes on to a party or something. And probably ends up back there, at the all night after, after party

MM What’s she drinking?

LN Champagne with ice

MM And what’s her ride?

LN A ’68 Mercedes convertible. Or else her dad’s Mercedes

MM Her party outfit?

LN The faux leather jeans, they’re just coated black demin but they fit real sexy. And probably the red motorcycle jacket. Rock ‘n’ roll!

MM And what does her boyfriend do?

LN He’s a screenwriter, definitely in the film business, working his way up. And at the weekends he’s in a band

MM Who’s her role model?

LN What’s so weird about these girls, is that they don’t have role models. They don’t look up to anybody else, they want to be the star of their own show.

MM And what’s her morning after outfit?

LN The leopard print tracksuit from the fall collection for sure.

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