An expert tutorial in pinning and draping, Costello Tagliapietra sent elegance down the runway in the form of twenty-seven slim-line dresses in a color palette rich in autumnal, jewel hues. Not that the wearer of a Costello Tagliapietra dress need be slim-line, any woman could wear one of their dresses, it’s just that in an age when designer clothing is purposefully cut to give exaggerated volume to the back (Balenciaga) or hips (Givenchy) this design duo chooses a silhouette that closely frames the female body. Some of the dresses were almost like tea dresses from the ‘30s with an easy-breezy swish allowed in the skirts as the models walked. Dress and skirt lengths fell either just below or above the knee.

An interesting and super fun textile used to make skirts, trousers, a cape and tailored shrug was “alpaca teddybear”. Similarly, interest was piqued by the use of sharp colour on small details such as a yellow, reed-thin belt on a block colored, navy draped dress and lips – oh the lips! – MAC cosmetics team chose to set off the collection with wonderful, sharp, almost neon berry. In all it’s easy to imagine the Costello Tagliapietra woman, and she is a woman, at ease with her sexuality and body who chooses dresses that accentuate her frame – this is where all that draping and pinning comes in, all held neatly together with a suede sash belt.

Photography by Wlodyka

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