Sure they came for the clothes. It’s the first time cult French label Vanessa Bruno has been available in bricks and mortar (as opposed to online) in New York, after all. But the star attraction at the chic launch of her fashion week pop-up on Greene Street (it’s actually open until February 27th) was the designer herself. Pretty much every Parisian transplant to the Big Apple was there to show their support. We dutifully waited in line for our turn (along with Tennessee Thomas and her Sally Bowles look-a-like friend) and even when we got chatting with her we were interrupted every five seconds by another well-wishing air-kisser. Ohh la la!

Milk Made It seems like you have a lots of friends in New York, who is every body?
Vanessa Bruno Well that beautiful girl was my god-daughter, and my best friends from childhood are here. My step-daughter also lives here. I love New York!

MM Why has it taken so long for you to have a store here, even if it is just a pop-up?
VB I had to open stores in other places first, there was a lot of work in Asia to do. You can’t spread your energy too thin, it’s not like I have a huge staff! We opened in LA two years ago, we want to continue in the States and this is the next step.

MM So there’s a huge snowstorm heading our way! What’s the French way to stay looking chic in st weather?
VB** The most important think when it’s really cold is the hat. Don’t worry so much about the feet or the arms, if you focus on the hat you can stay looking elegant.

MM French brands are doing so well in the States. Are New York girls dressing more like Parisian girls?
VB That chic Parisian look is kind of boho, elegant but still laid back, and that’s something New Yorkers seem to like. But I think the world is so cosmopolitan now, it’s just a question of taste. Do you relate to what I do, the spirit? If you do, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

MM In what ways is Paris Fashion Week better than New York fashion week?
VB Well, I show there! I’m kidding, that sounds so pretentious.

MM You’re a bog fan of natural beauty. What’s your tip for great skin?
VB I don’t know why people always ask me that. Champagne, girl! And the next day, lots of water with lemon.

MM Everyone in New York is super excited for Alex Wang and his move to Balenciaga. How do you think he’ll be received in Paris?
VB He’s a very talented designer, so it’s not like he has anything to prove. But the whole thing about moving one designer is always very sad…apart from that, I don’t really have any more to say.

The Vanessa Bruno pop-up store is open at 131 Greene Street until February 26th. [Vanessa Bruno] (

Photography by Jesse Lirola/

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