New York designer Katharine Polk continues her adventure into evening wear and high end daywear for AW13. Her signature play with plush textures was also evident as she worked lace panelling with satin, intricate hand-stitched sequins, ostrich feathers and three dimensional embellishments. The deep hues of precious stones such as ruby, emerald and smokey topaz gave the entire collection that rich, wintry feel. Necklines were kept cosy by buttoned up leather shirts or generous swathes of silk wrapped and bowed around the neck given a feminine Beau Brummel feel.

The work with leather was a highlight of this collection, the chocolate culottes or drawstring trousers were a highlight. Giant sequins were stitched onto one dress towards the finale that prompted smiles from the front row as the dress sparkled under the show lighting. As the final walk through of models came down the runway, the full range of the collection became more clear and Polk’s vision for the Houghton lady distilled into an overall feel of crafted evening wear.

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